Adopt A Family Registration

The Adopt A Family program matches you or your organization with a family at House of Ruth Maryland. You will be provided with a profile that lists the age, gender and sizes of each family member along with a short wish list of items that your family requested. For more information, contact us by phone: (410) 554-8449 or by email:

If you are interested in adopting a family, please complete the form below.  We will pair you with a family that matches the number of people you wish to adopt. Families will be distributed by email starting in mid-November, and no later than Thanksgiving. Because our shelter Is transitional, we cannot distribute family profiles earlier.

Please note, you should expect to spend $100-150 on each person in the family, including the parent. Adopt accordingly. You will be paired with a family or families that have the corresponding number of people you wish to adopt. For example, if you wish to adopt 4 people, you may be paired with a family of 4, or two families of 2, or a family of one and a family of 3.)

Please enter the number of individuals you want to adopt (required):