Capital Campaign Honor Roll 2021

House of Ruth Maryland greatly appreciates the support of those who share our vision of dignity, respect and safety for all. We also appreciate those who donate and choose to remain anonymous. Thank you to all of our donors for your generosity and commitment.  


4K Foundation
Jacob and Hilda Blaustein Foundation
Meredith and Joseph Callanan
Victoria Deyesu
Christy and David DiPietro
France – Merrick Foundation
James and Gail Riepe
Jennifer and Paul Green
Jeff and Holly Musgrove
Amy and Charles Newhall
The Baltimore Ravens
The Bunting Family Foundation
The Estate of Edward L. Clapp
The Griffin Family Charitable Foundation
The Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Foundation
The Kahlert Foundation
The Letaw Family Foundation
The Middendorf Foundation
T. Rowe Price Foundation

$25,000 -$99,999

Ed & Ellen Bernard
Sana and Andy Brooks
Barb Burdett
Linda Schaefer Cameron
Sheldon and Jamie Caplis
Comcast Corporation
Pamela and Scott Conover
Constellation Energy
Nancy and John Erickson
Holly Griffin
Lockhart Vaughan Foundation, Inc.
Monica Hausner
Howard Bank
Susan and Stephen J. Immelt
Joseph and Megan LaRocque
M&T Bank
John and Carolyn Maroon
Mary D. Miller and Charles Hirsch
Mary and James Miller
Matt and Patricia Moore
Chris and Susan Newman
Betsy and Marc Pritchard
Jennifer and George Reynolds
Robert and Elaine Schaefer
Rothschild Charitable Foundation
Carolyn and David Thaler

$10,000 – $24,999

Susan Anthony
Yuri Agrawal
Meryl Burgin
The Clayton Baker Trust
Pam Colbert
Kevin and Allison Frank
Jeri Hawthorne and Michael Garcia
Amoretta M. Hoeber and Dr. Mark Epstein
Lisa and Todd Hudson
Susan Katzenberg
Linda Lo Cascio
Mayer Warner Martin
McCormick & Company
Adam and Merritt Miller
Alvin and Sue Miller
Rick and Judy Morrison
Brenda and Steve Poynot
The Clayton Baker Trust
The Dream Big Foundation
Fred and Cindy Thompson
Dan and Aimee Yardley
Scott and Kristin Vogel

$5,000 – $9,999

Kappie Bogart
Darrell and Randi Braman, Jr.
Beverly and John Carter
Julie Hopkins
Katie Ryan Lekin and Jim Lekin
Whitney and Clifford Lull
Pam and Allan Malester
Robert Max
Harvey and Margaret Miller
Ann Miller and George Komatsoulis
Thomas and Emily Prevas
The Brooks Family Foundation
The Helen Clay Frick Foundation
Jennifer Quinlan and Charles Ott
Magnus and Elie Rhyu
Suzanne Ricklin
Joan and Jonathan Schochor
Sandi Timmins
William Wendler
Mary Ann and Roy Wood
Terri Wurmser

Up to $4,999

Calvin Baker
Clare Berrang
Sherry and Daniel Billig
Kelly Black
Joyce Ann Burman
Dr. Bonnie Copeland
Kaye Lynn Crown
Ann Marie and Robert Doory
Enfield, LLC
Carolyn Foulkes
Amy Freeman
Gary Wais
Geisel Family Charitable Fund
Vivian Horne
Freeman and Jacqueline Hrabowski
Jody L. Clark and Gail V. Colangelo Charitable Fund
Catherine Kelly
Lauren and Karl Kimlel
George Lawrence
David Lewis
Rosaria Lo Cascio
Mary McGeady
Laura Mooney
Rhona’s Place
Dr. Thomas M. Scalea, M.D. FACS
Lee and Sue Seidman
Raymond Seitz
Pamela and Robert Sloan
Becky and Andrew Swanston
Bryce Turner
Diane Vermette
Melissa Walker
Monica WhitePaul and Bella Zugates