Friends and Family Support Group

Friends and Family Educational Series

The Friends and Family Educational Series is a series of five sessions, held over a three week period.  Each session touches on the barriers and abuse victims face while also educating friends and family on how to support the victims and survivors through these barriers.  The five sessions include: Recognizing IPV, Why Leaving Isn’t Always an Option, Safety Planning with Victims and Survivors, Community Resources for Victims and Survivors and Setting Healthy Boundaries and Practicing self care.

The goal for the series is that each participant will walk away with a better understanding of IPV, how it effects victims both during and after the abusive relationship, and how to best support their loved one without compromising their own mental healthy and safety.  The first series will begin September 28, 2020.

To register for Friends & Family series, email the following information to or text 443-540-5776:
Name (can use a pseudonym
Phone number or email and preferred contact method
Best time to be reached

Series One: Every Monday and Wednesday between 9/28-10/12
Series Two: Every Tuesday and Thursday, 10/22-11/05
If you are unavailable for either series, we will host another series in December and three more in the new year.

Recognizing Intimate Partner Violence

Participants will learn about the dynamics and cycles of abuse as well as ways in which it is perpetrated.


Why Leaving Isn’t Always an Option

Participants will learn about the barriers victims face that may prevent them from fleeing abusive partnerships.

Safety Planning with Victims & Survivors

Participants will learn how to create a plan for safety with their loved one during, when leaving, or after an abusive relationship.

Community Resources for Victims & Survivors

Participants learn about the community based resources available to victims of domestic violence and how they benefit them.

Setting Healthy Boundaries and Practicing Self-Care

Participants will learn about the important of and how to set healthy boundaries with their loved ones, as well as learn useful self-care techniques to practice at home.