While much work has been done to understand the women who are victims of intimate partner violence, there has been much less time spent trying to understand who the abusers are and why they are abusive. Lisa Nitsch, Director of Training and Education, and Angelique Green-Manning, Abuse Intervention Programs Manager, at House of Ruth Maryland contributed to the article, which aims to “to understand community-based risk and protective factors of IPV perpetration through participatory research that engages men who use intimate partner violence.”  Once the factors were determined, through concept mapping, the study ranked the risk factors.

Results provide direction for community-based intervention and prevention programming to increase  self-efficacy, particularly among younger men, and to enact trauma-informed violence prevention policy from the perspectives of male IPV perpetrators.

Read the full report, Concept Mapping: Engaging Urban Men to Understand Community Influences on Partner Violence Perpetration.