Letter from the Executive Director

Well, 2021 has been another unique year. While I’m sure I am not alone in eagerly awaiting the health and safety of our community to be restored, we know that the effects of the pandemic will last well into the future. This is particularly true for the many parents and children House of Ruth Maryland serves. As we come to what we hope is the end of this Covid time, we remain committed to moving forward. We are grateful for the positive changes that have taken place over the last 18 months, and we will work hard to ensure they continue.

When the stay at home order was issued, it was critical that people facing lethal harm from their abusive partners had access to safe shelter and resources. Our emergency shelter continued with full operation, and our team made sure services would continue – and expand – to reach intimate partner violence victims in need. House of Ruth Maryland immediately shifted engagement strategies to include remote access on secure platforms, including telehealth, virtual groups and a 24-hour chat line for survivors. Many
were forced to be at home with their abusive partners for longer periods of time, and reaching out to us became more challenging. The increased accessibility of our services continues to be vital in ensuring our clients can reach our crisis response, stability, safety and empowerment services.

Our community has always been ready with whatever support we need, and true to form, you were there during this most difficult time. It’s been amazing. Now we are excited to safely bring back all of our wonderful, dedicated volunteers. All I can say is thank you. Most sincerely, thank you. I’m inspired by your generosity, and your compassion for the people who need our help.

As we head into the holiday season, all of us at House of Ruth Maryland are wishing you wonderful times spent with the people who are important to you. Thanks to your support, the people we serve will also have an opportunity for safety and peace.

With appreciation,
Sandi Timmins, Executive Director