Intimate Partner Violence affects our community. It affects all communities. And help is available. Approximately 1/3 of lesbian women, 1/4 of gay men, and up to 1/2 of trans individuals will experience violence at the hands of their partner or spouse. House of Ruth Maryland takes pride in being an open and safe place for all victims, including the queer/LGBTQIA+ community, to seek help, guidance, and support. House of Ruth Maryland provides comprehensive intimate partner violence services, and strives to tailor our services to victims’ unique situations and strengths.

Abusive partners use fear and intimidation to control others. These questions help determine whether you or someone close to you is in an emotionally abusive relationship that could become physically dangerous.
• Do you feel powerless in the relationship, having to ask permission and apologizing for your behavior?
• Does your partner control/disapprove of your social life and/or financial decisions?
• Does your partner threaten to out you to family, friends or co-workers?
• Have you stopped seeing friends and family because of your relationship?
• Does your partner degrade your gender, sexual preference and/or refuse to use your pronouns?
• Does your partner try to take advantage of you sexually or force sexual demands on you?
• Does your partner use yours or their HIV status to threaten or control you?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, contact House of Ruth Maryland to talk through your relationship and to make safe decisions for yourself.

(410) 889- RUTH (7884) • 24 Hour Hotline