Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month


Teens spend a lot of time worrying about the opinions of others and feel pressure to act or behave a certain way. As teens begin dating, it’s important for teens and their parents to discuss what a healthy relationship looks like and how to recognize the signs of abusive behavior. Unfortunately, teen dating violence is more common than you might think. Teen dating violence is a pattern of controlling and abusive behaviors within a dating relationship. It can occur in person or electronically and might occur between a current or former dating partner.

Teen Dating Violence By The Numbers


Of high school students have reported experiencing physical or sexual dating violence


Of teens have been victimized by the use of technology from a boyfriend or girlfriend.


Of 12-18 year-olds who have been in a relationship have been stalked or harassed by a partner.

Watch an Overview About Teen Dating Violence

This quick video highlights how common teen dating violence is in our communities and why it’s important to talk to teens about healthy relationships.

How Can You Help?

Anyone can serve the role of a trusted adult for a teen, including teachers, coaches, family members, and close friends. It’s important to understand the warning signs of teen dating abuse and learn how to talk to teens about healthy and unhealthy relationships. House of Ruth Maryland’s Training Institute offers training and education for individuals, organizations, and groups specifically addressing issues related to teen dating violence and how to talk to teens about healthy relationships. To learn more, contact us by filling out the form below.