International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is meant to empower women and celebrate their achievements, while still acknowledging the equality barriers women experience. In honor of International Women’s Day, we wanted to take a moment to celebrate the inspiring stories of strong women who have survived trauma and abuse and acknowledge the community of individuals who have stood by their side as they have rebuilt their lives.

“My lawyer from House of Ruth Maryland’s Domestic Violence legal clinic helped me file for a protective order from my abusive husband. He was not allowed to contact me, come to our home, or have custody of our children. It was such a relief knowing he could not hurt me again, and the lawyer was able to work out financial support while we filed for divorce. I didn’t have any money and didn’t know how to get help, but thanks to my free House of Ruth Maryland lawyer, I didn’t need to worry.”


— Maribel, House of Ruth Maryland Client

“House of Ruth Maryland helped me realize the extent of the control my partner put over me, I realized there was so much emotional abuse and psychological manipulation by him. After one year of counseling I’m in a better place and in a healthy relationship now, I’m so grateful.”


— Connor, House of Ruth Maryland Client

“I started over thanks to the resources given to me by my service coordinator, House of Ruth Maryland and she was a blessing. My rent was covered through the safe homes program, I’m going to school now for a degree, something my ex-partner would never let me do… and my daughter and son both love our new neighborhood and their school. They can sleep safely at night, and they seem to have much fewer nightmares nowadays.”

— Taia, House of Ruth Maryland Client

Donate in Honor of International Women’s Day

Thanks to your ongoing support, House of Ruth Maryland is leading the fight to end violence against women and their children by confronting the attitudes, behaviors, and systems that perpetuate it. We believe in a world that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive, where women can live safely and free of fear. Let’s celebrate their stories – which wouldn’t be possible without your generous donations. If you would like to make a donation in honor of International Women’s Day, please do so below.